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Back on skates...first time in 20 years!

At the arena, Chesterfield Inlet

Local kids



Shaun's new skates



Shaun got new skates for his Birthday, and today was his first time trying them out.

Shaun hasn't skated in Dogs Years!

We're in the small hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, population 267 in the flatlands of Nunavut. They DO have an arena, though, and Shaun and I joined in for "Public Skate" tonight. We were the only people over the age of, um, thirteen... and the kids were really quite taken with Shaun.

He's good at skating forward, but needed a little work on his stops. The kids helped him out with this, and we all had a good laugh. He ended up borrowing a hockey stick and joining in impromptu- shoot-out.

He improved a lot during the first skate though, and I'm sure he'll be flying past the kids soon...

hee's a few pics :)

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