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Boat Approach to Casa Perico

Landing...Behind is Restaurant/Gathering Area









Bon spent most of the morning figuring out our best route around the country to see stuff...walked out the hostel door to a waiting tuk tuk (3 wheeler) and the driver got us to the bus station in Santa Elena just in time to catch the 9:45 bus to Rio Dulce which left just past ten! By 4 we were in a gratis water taxi to Casa Perico up a small channel of Rio Dulce, quiet, nice 4 bed dorm for 45q=$5.25 US each run by two Swiss guys (been here 10 yrs).

Guatemala is being clear cut, jungles turning into large farms growing banana, chicle (gum resin), corn, rubber, and cattle (the Indian white/tan brahma type w/ big floppy ears).Brahman Cattle

So there is little remaining of rain forest/jungle except where they have reserves...few. Driving thru mountainous areas we see lots of wood cut up/being collected in little bundles for selling as firewood. Lots of folks here at Casa Perico traveling similar route some going in the opposite direction S to N, many N to S at least as far as Panama. Norway, Canada, Israel, Austria, Dutch (of course), and Argentina all represented...they played a big game of Shithead.


Went to a doctor about my arm just to find out what I already knew and that it should be better in a week or so. Got an ace bandage. We headed out to Finca Paraidiso where there is a hotspring waterfall...arrived just as the 4 girls from Casa Perico were leaving. They said later that they were the only ones there most of the time. When we arrived at 10am there were several groups of 6-8 and it was difficult to maneuver near the falls, plus there were little fish biting me (probably because my back was peeling from sun burn). Anyway, I didn't stay in long, Bon was in a bit longer...very clear, warm water and hot coming from the falls. Wished there were fewer folks there, but as we hiked out we met a church mission group (Evangelicals) who are building 'churches' in Guatemala - over a hundred of them heading for the falls. Well, now we were thankful for the 'few' that were there. Funny how everything is relative and one's attitude can change on a dime!

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