Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

Street kids performing for $

Taylor and one of our Teachers

The main way of carrying anything

Our house Geckos

Plato tipico (typical plate)

Do you recognize anyone

Volcan Mombacho and the Nica flag

Swimming with Sharks

Well just two more days in Granada Nicaragua. NExt we head off to Isla De Ometeppe. A volcanic island formed by two volcanoes. Volcan Concepcion last had a small eruption in December.

In the last two days besides gruelling spanish lessons, we had salsa lessons, took a lancha(boat) tour of the islas de Granada, swam off an island in lake Nicaragua and took a horse and carriage ride around the town. Finally found a great place to have coffee (real coffee, not hot milk and instant coffee)and a air conditioned internet cafe to boot. This afternoon after our morning lessons (four hours every morning - we get up at 6am, I thought this was a holiday) we are going swimming in a local pool (if it turns out to be clean) and then heading to the town of Masaya for an evening of folk dancing and artisan mercado (a craft market).

We are seeing alot of great things and the girls are having a great time. They will give updates before we leave Granada as it may be a few days or up to a wek before we will get another update out. From the comforts of Granada we head into the country where the main modes of transporation are either cow or boat.

The food has been pretty good so far. For the $12/day each ($11 for kids)we get the room

and three meals a day. They have been trying to cook food the girls will like. Lots of ensalada and arriso? (Salad and rice)

Take care and hopefully the pictures load today. We really enjoy getting your emails so keep them coming.

hasta Luaga (spelling?) See you later.


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