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We wanted to drive up to the Haleakala Volcano today, but 1/2 way there, the jeep started to rock back and forth. As soon as I took the foot off the gas and put on the brakes, it got worse until I stopped completely.

Apparently this brand new Jeep has a new type of transmission that select the best gear for me to use at the time. I only have a "D" on the transmission selector and I don't have a 1 gear or 2nd gear that I can select. It works nice on flat ground, but not here on the side of the mountain. I decided to turn around and head back down the mountain and rode the brakes all the way instead of using a lower transmission gear to help slow the jeep. I’m glad I didn’t have to do this all the way from 10,000 feet to sea level.

We spent some time looking around a mall before spending the rest of the day at the Iao valley.

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