Spring 2010 travel blog


Original old sandstone fort - 1835

Restored building

Melons seeded under plastic

Cooler and cloudy this a.m., + 14 when we woke.

Drove west through Zapata to San Ygnacio to look for “Brown Jays” at the last remaining site left in Texas. With a great deal of luck we saw them.

Drove TX #83 along a ridge overlooking the Rio Grande valley, really Falcon Lake, through desert scrub with ranch gates scattered along the way and natural gas wells all over the place. Falcon Lake is a huge reservoir stretching west for over 40 miles. Every so often an historical marker telling how a successful ranch, many established by Mexicans on Spanish land grants in the early 1800's, was flooded over by the the US's need for water and hence the reservoir. Some great stories of struggle followed by eventual success all washed under. Apparently when the water table gets very low a church steeple appears out of the lake.

San Ygnacio was established about this time and it's being somewhat restored to it's original condition. The Hispanic Texans are very proud of their background and history and constantly celebrate it with restorations, signs, festivals, etc.

As you come down off the ridge into San Ygnacio a complete change in geography takes place, desert scrub gives way to large fertile irrigated fields sown in onions, some fields approaching harvest, and melons, just sown into ridges under plastic and between rows of grain for a windbreak.

Returned to trailer in time to enjoy the last 2 periods of the Canadian-US hockey game. I say a guy and his wife from Kenora, with his Canadian dish hooked up, invited me into watch – Brenda says I forced myself on them!

Temp climbed to +24, cooling now but really windy as I write this at 8:30.

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