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Ok so he heard the dogs barking by a little cabana that he rents out. He went to investigate but was cautious because he thought maybe the people staying there were just "doin the do" and he surely did not want to interupt them.

he saw nothing suspicious so he returned to his activities in the screen porch. when he saw movement in the bushes by the river he went to poke around, making sure everything was as it should be. just as he was surveying the wall of jungle that borders his back yard from his point on the river bank, he was struck on the back of the head with a big log. as he tried to recover he was ambushed by three other big men with guns ordering him to get down. he did so, still in a daze from the bang on his head. then they changed their minds and ordered him to stand up. He wobbled to the door of his house to be shoved onto the living room floor. he was bound hands and feet with electrical cords and anything the theifs could find around the house. They proceded to collect his computers and cell phones and money, seemingly knowing exactly where everything was......

so he thinks it was this mechanic that he hired. who came round one day "looking to speak with him" and checking out the grounds.

they tried to steal his car but it was empty. so they took his jeep and left it wedged in a narrow passage road.

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