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This is for Rhonda- nice town-not so little

Sue at our site

a real armadillo


from our window

our last sunset in Texas

Well, since we have been home a week Thurs., I figure I should make our last entry.

On the Friday before we left, Donna and Brady threw a going away pizza party for us. We had a great time, and will miss POC, and all the people we met there.

We were on the road Sat. morning by We wanted to get to Livingston for the night, and we did. About an hour into the trip, our temp gauge shot over to way beyond hot. I stopped to see if they was anything evident wrong. There wasn't, and it didn't seem to be overheated, so we hoppled into the next town. After much tinkering, and heavy praying, we were back on the road. I attribute most of it to the praying. Made it the rest of the way with no incidents. Thank you again God.

Picked up a little rain right before Livingston, but set up in the state park. We drove into town to check out the ESCAPEES park. We were not impressed at all. Glad we checked it out. We had a nice night, and left in the morning for a corp park in Texarkana.

We love the corp parks. They are cheap (if you have the golden age pass, even cheaper), and they are all on water. We were 20 feet off the water, and the view was splendid. We stayed 3 nights, and thought we would run for home. We had great roads, and weather the rest of the way.

We stayed at the casino in Osceola, Iowa. By that time it was -2 degrees, and I was asking myself why we came back. I had to winterize the motorhome in their parking lot. Not fun. When we got up it was -12. I was REALLY wondering then.

We shot for home that morning, and were home by 2:00pm. It felt good, and the weather was beautiful, and has been ever since. Much colder tempwise than Texas, but sun, and no wind. It feels much nicer.

Since we have been home, we have been out to eat many times, and went to Ken and Chris' for food, karoake, and good times. We saw most of the kids, and stayed up til 3:30am singing, and having a great time. Thanks guys.

We had some great times this winter, but we had alot of things on our minds that really distracted us from doing much. We needed to be home, so here we are. We are so blessed with everything, and everyone we have.

We are planning a trip to California in July, to a teardrop trailer gathering. Hope it works out. We'll let you know.

Have a great spring, and hopefully, we will be seeing most of you this summer.

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