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Nunavut sky, Aurora Borealis


Feb 9, 2010

The Northern Lights were AMAZING tonight. They've been incredible the last six nights in a row, as a matter of fact. But tonight, we drove out of town and saw the green and blue lights just dancing - and at one point, it was like a green fireball blazing through the sky.

According to Inuk legend, if you whistle at the Aurora Borealis, they will come down closer to you and dance. However, you mustn't whistle TOO much at them, or they will come right down and touch you, and you'll die.

I have to say I found this to be true on several occasions this week. The Night Lights DID come closer to us when I whistled at them - this always sent Shaun into hysterics. I'd have my big parka on, with the fur-lined hood done up like the Inuks, and would cautiously whistle - then stop and wait -

Then whistle again - and sure as sugar, the northern lights would start to move down closer to us.

I'm very cautious with my whistling; not to whistle too much, that is. Though I often don't get more than a few seconds of "windstorm" as Shaun calls my whistling-attempt, before he's hugging the wind out of me, laughing. He's probably saving us from certain death...

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