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Three Brothers Used Clothing



The gals had an adventure planned for today, so Marilyn & I had our coffee before getting started on the day.

We made reservations at Betty’s RV Park for two nights after we leave Houston, on our way back to Missouri.

We are sort of following in the footsteps of our friends, Jesse & Ginger, as they recently stayed at Betty’s. We are also going to New Orleans for a couple of days. Once again following in the footsteps of Jesse & Ginger.

Marilyn has never been to New Orleans so it is past time I took her to see that city.

We plan to stay in a State Park and ride the Ferry across to the city.

I was feeling a bit rough around the edges today and we are both so tired of not feeling normal.

Marilyn was feeling well enough to go with the gals for a rather unique adventure today, looking at used clothing. There is a place where they sell clothing by the pound. That is called “Ropa Usado” and it is a place where they take clothing that is discontinued or unsold. Some of the clothing is new, with the tags still in place but other parts of it are used clothing. We should compare it to a “Good Will” store back in Missouri.

While the gals were doing that, I made a run to the HEB grocery store. Back at the RV, I made a bean salad from the recipe given to us by Mike & Sandy Mills. Marilyn made the dressing before she left and I did the rest after I got back from the store.

After cleaning up my mess and taking the trash out, I sat in the recliner and fell asleep.

I was still there when Marilyn returned. She bought nothing!

Our friends from San Antonio invited us to go out to eat with them but I declined.

The guys were all sitting out in the sunshine on Heinz’s patio across the street, but I didn’t feel well enough to join them.

I must admit that I do feel better today, after having that nap. I haven’t coughed much or had to blow my nose much today.

I don’t know why I even write about that stuff here in this blog. There cannot be even one person out there reading this journal, who is the least bit interested in that.

The truth is that I don’t feel like writing today, so this is all you get.

I do have some pictures taken by Marilyn today. You might enjoy them.

Remember dear friends, Life is Good!

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