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GOING HOME DAY. Yeah, I'm so ready to go home. I don't have to worry about the volcano, my flight is on time, all I have to do it get to the airport.

Although I keep saying I'm done with trekking and ready to go home, it's only because I've been so sick. I would have enjoyed the Everest Base Camp trek much more if I wasn't sick.

In summary, Nepal is a magical place. There's such a difference between the cities and the villages in the mountains. There's big differences in Annapurna area and Everest area. Visiting the mountains is like stepping back in time. There's no roads, just trails that have been used for centuries. People still do things the way they have been done for many years. It's all still manual labor. Every piece of building material at Gorak Shep, the highest teahouses, was brought up there on someone's back. Trail maintenance is done with hand tools.

The people work really hard. They have agriculture, but depend on the tourism to get by. The tourist season is spring and fall, so they earn all there money in a 5-6 month period and make it last the year.

I really enjoyed my month in Nepal, and I will cherish my memories of visiting. The trekking was difficult, but I'm glad I did it, except I should have done it 30 years ago when I was younger. My next vacation is at the beach!

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