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Our fantastic porters!

Luklla airport waiting for our flight

Our "foot" for Rum Doodle restaurant

Yeah - flight day to Kathmandu. Boo - flights in and out of Lukla are really unpredictable. We were up at 6 a.m., had breakfast and walked to the airport. I saw 2 flights come in and leave, but the sky was cloudy - not good for this airport. We checked in at the airport for our 7:15 a.m. flight, and then the waiting began. Turns out the pass between Lukla and Kathmandu was clouded in and turbulent, so the flights were not coming in. The waiting room was full of people reading, playing cards, sleeping, or pacing the floor. A noise - what is it? - run to the window - darn, it's just a helicopter. This happened 3 more times with helicopters coming and going. Then - oh yeah - it's an airplane. It lands, kicks off the people, takes on people and leaves. Then nothing happens for at least another hour. Our guide says we are on the 3rd flight, and the next 2 flights are on their way. Yup, you already said that and it didn't happen.

I'm getting concerned because my flight information is in my suitcase which is tucked away in some room at the hotel in Kathmandu. Luckily I remember the locator information. If we can't get out of Lukla today, and we do this procedure again tomorrow, there is a strong possibility I could miss my flight to Bangkok. Hmmm, that means I need to figure out how to rebook my flights, call people to let them know I'm behind schedule, I don't have my cell phone because it's a crappy phone that doesn't get international service, and I'm feeling kinda anxious right now.

More noise - another airplane, and then another airplane. Our guide gives me the "I told you so" look, and we file out to the tarmac to board the plane. Except they sit us on the curb for awhile without telling us why we can't get on the plane. I guess the pilots needed a toilet break. Okay, finally on the plane; we get our slingshot takeoff, and we are on our way to Kathmandu. We took off at 10:30 a.m. for our 7:15 a.m. flight, and all is well again.

Back in polluted, crowded, noisy Kathmandu. After checking in the hotel, the group goes to lunch and we scatter. I have shopping to do, and the group meets again for dinner. Tashi takes us to Rum Doodle restaurant. There is a book called "Ascent of the Rum Doodle", a parody on climbing Mt. Everest. This restaurant has signs all over if from people who have done expeditions. We get our own sign and put crazy stuff on it. We even included "Snickers". We hang up the sign, give our guide his tip, he gives us all scarfs, and we head out. Some people are going partying, I'm going to the Internet. All was well on the Internet until the thunderstorm struck, and the power surge happened and I lost my day's summary. What's that saying, "Save, Save, Save"?

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