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Leaving Benson (Route 90 - coming down to I-10)

Bridge abutment in New Mexico

Facade at fuel stop in Akela Flats, NM. It is a large...

We arrived in Las Cruces, NM. It was actually a little sad crossing the border from Arizona to New Mexico. Had an uneventful and easy day. We are staying in a different RV Park than on the way out. Doesn't have the amenities, which we don't need for 1 night, but it's considerably cheaper. Just after crossing into New Mexico there was a truck that was over on its side (on the westbound side on I-10). It must have just happened as there were no police on the scene yet. It was blocking the entire road and people were driving down on the grass in the median to get around it. It was a wide open stretch and not windy so the driver must have either fallen asleep or someone might have cut him off or hit their brakes in front of him. About 10 miles down the road we saw 2 cruisers and an ambulance headed toward the accident. The cab was upright so hopefully the driver was ok. We stopped at a rest area and a coach that was in there had gone by before we did and they saw the driver moving around in the cab. A lot of times people in cars just don't realize that these large vehicles need some room to stop.

Hi, this is Brad jumping in on the end of this rather uneventful entry to see if we can enlist the power of 21st century technology (the power of the internet) in a most worthy and needed cause. We were informed yesterday that Vic Senger, a good friend and member of our church in South Windsor, CT, has suffered a setback in his return to health from a serious stroke. He is now in St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT being treated for pneumonia by the best in the medical profession. As we sit here in Las Cruces, NM we send our prayers and love to Vic, his wife Marilyn and their family. We know, however, that there is no such thing as too many prayers. We also know that this journal is being shared by friends and neighbors at home, our own extended family members, our RV family, and new friends we have encountered along this remarkable journey. In addition, there are hundreds who are reading this - complete strangers - because it is a public website and our journal was selected for publication. So - if you would please join us in sending prayerful support, best wishes, whatever moves you, to Vic and Marilyn Senger in South Windsor. We wish Vic a speedy recovery from his immediate situation and a long term resolution and return to health from his overall concerns. Thank you all very much and may God continue to watch over all of us.

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