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Ministry on the move

Tucson, AZ

Tombstone prior to first fire in 1881

This building dates back to 1881

Wyatt Earp's brother lived here. Wyatt lived in a covered wagon.

"Doc Holliday" during the show

Gunfight at OK Corral reenactment

Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone

Covered wagon and stagecoach you can tour the town in.

Lobby of Bird Cage Theater

Brad & I with our stagecoach driver. This was an actual Old...

"Downtown" Tombstone

Boardwalk sidewalk that runs in front of all the buildings in downtown

Tombstone County Courthouse

Sign on one of the store was more popular than the...

One of townspeople in period dress - they were all over the...

Brad at the Saloon in the Courthouse

Sign on wall of Congregational Church

Tombstone Community Congregational Church

Gift shop you have to go through to get to the graveyard

Boothill Graveyard

View out across the valley - still looks the way it did...

Wa are back in Benson at Cochise Terrace RV Park where we stayed on our way out to Tempe. We really like this RV Park. The views are beautiful and people very friendly.

Yesterday we went in to Tombstone and did the tourist thing. We had a great day. We watched the Historama a film narrated by Vincent Price depicting the history of Tombstone - the town that wouldn't die. It survived two fires in the 1880's and the demise of the silver mine in the early 1900's. Most of the residents left after the mine flooded - they had dug into an artesan well. They pumped thousands of gallons of water out of the mine, not knowing anything about artesan wells. The townspeople have done a wonderful job of preservation. Most of the buildings and homes are original. The town's main income now is tourism. There are 10 saloons in business now - about a third of saloons open during the heyday. We watched a recreation of the shootout at the OK Corral, we walked around Boot Hill Burial Ground and looked at some very unique grave markers, and took a ride around the town in an original Butterfield Stages stage coach led by 2 donkeys. The stage coach was built in 1851. We went through the Bird Cage Theater and also the Tombstone Courthouse. It was really a fun day.

Today the temperature has dropped considerably, is windy and has been raining all day. We just watched both UCONN Men and the US Hockey Team lose their games. We've taken the day to do some cleaning and laundry. Thank heavens for the washer and dryer in the coach. I had 5 loads to do.

Tomorrow we are leaving here heading to San Antonio. We were going to stop in El Paso for a couple of nights but after receiving two warnings about the danger in El Paso because it is so close to Juarez, Mexico where they have been having drug wars (it apparently has been spilling over the border) we've decided to stop in Los Cruces instead. We will take 4 shorter driving days to get there instead of 3 longer driving days and will just stay one night at each stop.

I'll probably send a short note from each place to get it on the map.

Barb & Brad

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