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The TV is ready

Can you guess who Irene & Heinz are rooting for?

Canada Scores!

Louise rooting for Canada!

Part of the group

I felt a bit better when I awoke this morning, so I rolled out of bed and went down to the living room. I had just finished reading the e-mail and the blogs of friends, when Marilyn came down to put the coffee on.

We shared our morning coffee with only a bit of conversation today. Marilyn said that she just doesn’t feel well. Bummer!

We had been well for far too long I guess! Now we have been under the weather since going back to the winter weather in Missouri on Feb 4th. Actually, Marilyn has been unwell since Feb 11th and for me it was a few days after that when I came down with the head cold which has plagued us as well as friends.

Roger is taking his turn now. Sore throat and not feeling well. We are unsure what Marilyn’s problem is today. She feels nauseous part of the time and is just listless and tired today.

We are both hoping she will feel like going to the music show tonight. (We ended up giving the tickets to our friends, Heinz & Irene. Well, we tried to give them the tickets but they insisted on paying us for them.)

I needed to go back to Walmart to pick up a few items we forgot yesterday. Grrrr….

Carl needed a few items also so he rode along with me.

There were not too many people in Walmart when we arrived but I think every one of them decided to check out at the same time. Grrrr….

The “20 items or less” line had seven or eight people backed up, so I searched out another line. That turned out to be a Mistake! Grrr….

There was an older lady who had only one or two more items to be rung up, and another lady with a full cart behind her. I was next after them so I stayed put in that line. Mistake! Grrrr….

The elderly lady tried to present a check for payment and the lady at the register had to call someone to approve the check. No one showed up! We waited and waited and then waited some more. No one showed up! Grrrr…..

The poor older lady, finally gave up, took her check back and presented a credit card for payment.

The credit card slider thingy would not work! Grrrrr…..

After another call for help which did not arrive, the check out lady gave up and presented a regular credit card receipt which needed to be signed. Finally that lady was allowed to leave with her cart full of groceries.

While all of this was going on, another couple came up behind me with only a few items. I advised them to go to another line, even one with half a dozen people in it. They smiled but agreed and left.

They finished their checkout and waved to me, offering a big grin of encouragement, as they left the store. Good for them, but another Grrr… for me.

Finally, the lady in front of me was nearly finished with her checkout. However, the “Grrrrr Gremlin” wasn’t finished yet. The bar code was missing or unreadable on one item and the checkout lady had to call for a “Price Check” on that item. Once again we waited and waited and then waited some more. Grrr….

Carl was in another line and we gave each other a grin with raised eyebrows and a shrug of our shoulders.

The checkout lady was totally frustrated by now and finally she simply charged 2.00 for a half gallon of milk and let the lady go.

Finally it was my turn to checkout with my few items.

As we finally walked to the truck, Carl and I muttered about the total lack of management at this Walmart in Weslaco, Texas!

That location is mentioned for the benefit of any of you good folks who might have an urge to shop here.

Back at the RV we put groceries away and then Marilyn sat in her recliner wrapped in a blanket. I will be taking care of my Hon today!

We stayed home today and watched the Canada/USA Hockey game for the Gold Medal in the Olympics. All over the resort, there were groups of people outside watching the match, with Canadian and USA flags. Cheers and honking were heard throughout the resort with each goal scored, and it was a terrific competition.

Carl had chairs set up outdoors next door, for the group of Canada and USA fans/friends. Heinz & Irene arrived wearing the appropriate Canada colors. So did Louise! I have several pictures for you.

I joined the group for the first period of the game, but went back inside with Marilyn after the first period ended.

What a game!! Canada won in overtime! Congrats to all of our Canada friends!

I mentioned yesterday that our plans were subject to change and today was a perfect example of that. It was another nice day outdoors. I wish that Marilyn felt better and I wish that I could stop that infernal coughing.

However, we are always aware that we are blessed to be living this lifestyle. We have all the time we need to get our health back. Life is good!

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