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Can you say Chicken bus

Hi! Granada is very nice!when we went to the Masaya Volcano it was really big.It was smoking.(witch it usaly doesnt smoke)So we went on a bus first we went to a Museum,then we took a van up the volcano to the crater.The crater is reallyu really really huge.then the guide gave us masks and we went up part of it to the croos on the big! And very nice.

So then we came back down to the crader.Then the guide took us on the van up part of the volcano.then he drooped us off.We walked all the way up the rest .so one group went pne way and then my group went this way.So then we went the way to see the other 2 craters one is named Masaya,the other 1 i cant remember.Then he took us back down ther volcano,and took us to the 1 bat cave .So then we went into the cave,and Me,Dad,Kelby went into it and took pictures off them flying hit my hard hat.So then we came out and walked to the next cave we went 200 meters in it. It was AWSOME!!!We got to see some batas come out .(but the other one had lots more)So then we came back out,and went up the little hill and wwent ,into the van and,gave back back the hard hat ,flashlight.Then we went back to the crater, went to see the lava,but there was none because it was to smoky,that night.-but we did here the wind echo, in the crater.Then the guy took us back to the side of the highway ,we wated for a bus to come.On the bus I got a nose bleed(lucky ot wasn´t bad)Then we got back to the homestay .And that was our day at the Masaya Volcano.AND IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!

BYE.Taylor Age.9

Well we made it , the plane flights were good, one had trouble landing but i wasn´t the least bit worried (but apparently billy was) when getting on the plane the pilot and taylor had made friends he let her sit in his pilots seat in the cockpit, she was thrilled. he even let her wear his hat. so i knew who was up there flying this plane which gave me faith in him to land safely. the problem was we hit strong cross winds which made it difficult to land the plane at Atlanta, Georgia.when we got off in Manuaga, Nicaragua there was a lady standing there with a sign with billys name on it , that was pretty cool and then the strangers lead us in the right direction. the van took us to our spanish school and roger (our only connection through email before the trip) was there waiting for us. he walked us to our homestay , which was a 12 minute walk from there. we start our spanish classes tomorrow at 8am. our homestay is great , it is a lady named Rosita , and daughter Maria and Maria´s son, Franko (Franko is age 9). they are all very very nice people, so are our spanish school people. we all sleep in one big room , maybe an old barn. it has 4 beds and our own banos . we only found one lizard before bedtime and one giant spider. the lizards are good they eat the mosquitoes here. Yesterday took a tour with one of the spanish teachers , his name was Michael. he went with us to the Masaya Volcano. it was great . the bus ride interesting. they drop you off along side of the road and then when done the tour you wait along side the road to catch a bus. one the way to the volcano i got a seat on the way back i was surprised when getting on it was packed and we all had to stand and hold on for dear life. the driving is crazy here. alot of tooting horns and driving all over the road. basically you have to just hold on and you have no time to worry about anything else because they must not have speed limits here , it is drive as fast as you can speed. the kids loved it. the kids love we went to the orphange, the kids are beautiful. i would take them all home if i could. they loved playing with us , and so did we have fun with them. we go back tomorrow after our spanish classes. tuesday is spanish classes in the morning , learning salsa dancing classes, wednesday is spanish classes and island tour, thursday is spanish classes and swimming in th e pool and friday spanish classes and in the evening they have us for a farewell supper and good bye. which will be sad to say good bye because they have did alot for us and taking care of us and sending a teacher with us to lead the way. our homestay will be sad to leave too , we struck on some really good people to start off our adventure trip. the week with the events were all organized by our spanish school. the life style here is something else. night and day compared to ours back home. an experience that we will remember forever.

till next time.take care and talk to you all soon.


So, I really like the homestay at Rosita´.s. There are 3 courtyards, one with many plants in the living room area. Open to the sky of course so the rain and bugs can come in. The next courtyard is behind the kitchen , more plants , many birds including 2 caged birds , one being a very noisy parrot.

The last courtyard in is our area, past an iron gate. Our rooms open off this courtyard, part of which is the covered laundry area. There is a large mango tree for shade., with some mangos lying on the ground. If I lived there and had chickens, which fortunately these people do not, I would keep them in this courtyard, along with any pigs, etc , I might be keeping.

My room is a single room with bath. Actually with shower, a very fundamental shower. It is a cold water shower, but most times even the cold water is too hot. It is a very hot part of the world and I most often shower just to cool off. I have a shower curtain also, which the rest are doing without. I have no ¨pets¨in my room, I am pleased to say. The others do have a couple, e.g a lizard or gecko, and a large fuzzy spider. I also have a tv which I had vowed to never turn on, definitely not in English, but that is one vow that I have already broken.

Rosita speaks no English so we are already getting a start on Spanish. The lessons start for real tomorrow at 8 am. The food is good, I am hankering over a good cup of coffee tho.

We have school for 4 hours each day, although the kids will be getting tutoring for 2 hours and activities for the other 2. They are perhaps being taken to a public school one of the days to see how schools are run here.

Having a great time, the heat is not as problematic as I had thought. Everyone moves very slowly here.

Send mail.

Dawn. AGE 71

When we landed in Managua, Nicaragua we took a half hour bus ride to Granada, Nicaragua. Once we got to our homestay in Granada we went to sleep from are long day.

The next day we went to the volcanoes and the bat caves. The no active volcanoes name was Masaya the other one was an active one and was smoking while we were up there. Since it was smoking we did not see the lava. Sadly I cannot remember the name of that volcano. The bat caves were next, we went in 2 caves that night. The first we just watched and took pics. Of them flying out but, the second one majority of the bats had already left. The second cave we went in 200m out of 700m. that same cave is the one that they had ceremonies for the sacrifices. The sacrifices were either animals, women or children . The bat caves and volcano were very nice. The home stay we are at is very nice with caring people named Rosita, Maria and Franko.

Well that’s enough info for now.

Kelby. Age 11

Ok, I think they said it all. Man is it hot here. It is amazing how quick we get used to it though. When we arrived in Managua on Friday night we could barely stand it. The walk carrying our packs across town … only about fifteen minutes but nearly killed us. Yesterday was just as hot and several cold water showers helped. But today it is +35 but it doesn´t seem bad at all. The first night we boiled but by the second night we had to turn down our fans and it was just as hot. I am always checking on how and what the girls and Cynthia are thinking but I am getting a lot of smiles and its awesome. I think Hunter liked travelling by crowded bus standing and hanging on for dear life loved that par itself. It is impressive how quickly the girls adapt the all the noise and chaos on the streets with the crowded markets on the streets to the beggars and peddlers. NO Gracious is the first thing in Spanish that they learned. Home stay is good, not the best accommodations but better then I think we will be getting later on throughout Nica. My Spanish lesson school – one on one- and the shuttle from the airport – paxeous- to get out of dangerous Managua so far have proved to be good ones. Which I am glad as they are the only plans we have made.

The Volcan Masaya was great and Granada seems to be a lot safer then Ecuador for sure. We were warned about cameras getting stolen at the beach but other than that we are told it is safe. The Casa Albertina orphanage is great, 20 beautiful girls that should really have parents. I am so glad that we will be spending some time there this week. They are so starved for attention and it is good to see them interact with the girls and learn each others language.


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