2010 Vince's Winter Tour travel blog

Camp Wal-Mart Shippensburg

No explanation needed

One of the roads

Last night, I thought I'd be able to reach Somerset, PA, but I got started too late and didn't make it. I searched the GPS for a Wal-Mart on my route and found one near Shippensburg, PA. As I get close to my destination, it got dark and the wind was causing the snow on the fields to drift across the road making them a little slick. This is the first time I've driven Winnie on snowy roads and I was white knuckled. When i get to the destination, it turns out to be the entrance to a landfill in the middle of farm country. What to do? Lucky I didn't have to turn around. I set sail for Shippensburg, again using the GPS and hoping it does better this time. I eventually found my way to Camp Wal-Mart. This is the first Wal-Mart I've been to that had a shed for the Amish buggies while they shop.

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