an overhead view of Tropic Winds park, 538 spaces mostly full

One can lease a space and put a "park model" on there,...

Our setup space 215, nice tree...

enjoying our tree, shade and slight breeze.

they don't call this place Tropic Winds... for nothing...

Yep, Tropic Winds...

Dave and Bambi play

Dave trying to tire Bambi

get her to wear off some of the pent up energy

Run, Bambi run . .

Bambi, go get Mommy !

Bambi, go get Mommy ! ! !

While in Rockport we visited with 3 couples, all of whom we’ve met more than a year ago. These couples, Griffins', Barretts' and Koyamatsus' come to Rockport each winter for they have perpetual reservations. A 4th couple, Peases’, surprised us when they parked next to us, after not liking the space they’d been allotted. It was with great pleasure we visited with these fine people. And we’d like to thank them for their hospitality. Of course, we’ll be back to Rockport later.

The drive from Rockport to Harlingen was 174 miles on a wonderful sunny day. We changed drivers just outside of Corpus Christi, Rebecca finished by driving that last 130 miles, bringing us into the Tropic Winds Resort park. We took some pictures on a walk around the park, Dave played with Bambi in a field, the wind is notorious here so you’ll see pics of the park flag poles and palm trees all starched out straight.

We’ll be here for a month, til March 22, during that time we’ll do several things. First, and foremost we want to get some dental work done across the border. Two months ago we read an article about a couple who had their first “Mexican crown” done inexpensively, quick and correctly. Since that article, we’ve talked to others who have had dental work done over there, all with excellent results. The price for a porcelain crown $180, price for cleaning $10, price for filling $30, we like those prices. Considering last year Dave’s crown in Eugene, OR was nearly $1200. Another item of note, we'll get new optics in our glasses, $120, beats $460 in our book. then there is the subject of pharmaceuticals, though we don't have too many prescriptions. They are generally purchased off the shelf, much like a can of soup! For those of us who don't have a good prescription benefit for meds, this is a deal. For instance, a Z-Pak is $4.96, Synthroid $8.66, Dog heart worm meds 6 mos., worth for $14.

Secondly, we’ll do more birding as this is the time of the year when the vast majority of birds species are here. Thirdly, we’ll do maintenance on the 5’r and the Dodge. The trailer is 6 years old now and it’s time for a deep look at some of the systems (water, heating, axles) for preventive maintenance.

One of our first days here, friends Ron & Rose took us and showed us all about how to cross the border. It was a fun day, walking, shopping, with a good lunch. Reminder, don’t drink the water, only bottled water. When we go across the border again for dental work, we’ll take plenty of pictures for you. And of course we’ll let you know how the dental work came out.

In answer, to the oft asked question, “How do you choose where to go…?” or how we go about picking our stops. As in real estate, "location, location, location" reigns king. For instance, right now we are setting our "route" for the summer and early fall of 2010. We start by picking a region that we want to visit, then narrow it to what we want to visit with that region. For instance, we know that we want to see the following, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Colorado Springs, Grand Tetons National Park, Cody, Mt Rushmore this year. So to begin, we get out the map book and lay out our route being careful to note freeways, federal highways and state highways only, as we don’t travel on minor roads. The reason for that is, our unit is just too big for safe travel. We use the rule of thumb, “if we don’t see large over the road trucks we’re on the wrong road!” Next, we check the route against the locations of parks that are members of one of the systems of parks to which we belong. Giving us the best park and stay for our dollar. Thirdly, we start calling the parks to get reservations in, so that our schedule is set and we can, therefore, look forward to reserved space. On that subject, we have friends who don’t make reservations and that’s great. They travel perhaps a lot more freely and carefree with that style. There are other couples who even go as far as to flip a coin to determine in what direction they’ll go! We like the comfort knowing our next destination and we get excited with anticipation for what we will experience.

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