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At 6:00a.m an air raid siren started screaming and woke us up; and the noise wouldn't stop. Thinking it was a fire alarm, I ran outside and met the upstairs neighbour starting his car and said it was a Tsunami alarm. I ran back in, turned on the TV and emergency broadcasts were telling everyone to stock up on 5 days of food and water and leave the low-lying areas. Knowing that a wave would wipe out the condo and we would come back to debris, we packed(actually threw) everything into the car and followed the evacuation route signs. We filled up the car with gas and picked up some water just in case we had to go a few days without Red Cross supplies.

Where do we go? No one told us. But knowing that nothing can stop the Wal-Mart corporation, we gathered in their parking lot with the rest of the resort refugees. We walked over to the rock wall that overlooked the bay and got a good viewing point to wait and watch the show.

Hours later, when the storm was suppose to hit, there were no water rushing out from the shore that would come back as a wave. The car radio said the other side of the island’s water was rushing out. With our cameras at ready for the big moment.....nothing happened. From our vantage point there were no large waves and no one noticed a change on the shoreline, although the other side of the island got 5 foot waves.

We waited around for most of the afternoon until the all clear came and we could go back home. All in all, I'm glad it was a false alarm.

Oh yea, when we got back to the condo, there was a note pasted to the door saying we were suppose to go to a high school way up on the mountainside.

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