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This Map Shows How The Mountains Reach To The Sea Below Beirut...



The car rental company (Advanced Car Rentals) gave us a fabulous map of Lebanon and this came in very handy as we drove south of Beirut looking for the highway that would take us east into the Chouf Mountains and on to the valley where Beiteddine and Deir Al-Qamar are located.

The coast of Lebanon reminds me a little of the west coast of Canada; it’s necessary to take the coastal highway and then turn eastward into the valleys that have been carved out by rivers descending to the Mediterranean. We had to drive south to the town of Damour and then leave the highway and begin our climb into the misty mountains.

The weather wasn’t great but we were planning to visit the Emir’s Palace so we knew we would be indoors much of the time so the weather wouldn’t affect us much. This is something we have to accept if we are going to visit the countries surrounding the Mediterranean at this time of year.


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