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Not much going on here. We have had more snow, and we are all sick of it. There is some sun today, so I hope this is starting a new trend, but I’m not holding my breath.

Was supposed to play cards on Saturday night at my cousin Bessie’s house, but I begged off. I have had a cold for over a week now and can’t seem to shake it. I don’t really feel bad; just have a nagging cough and lots of congestion.

Charlotte and I have hit a few more flea markets, but didn’t really find anything to write home about. It’s a lot of fun just looking and dreaming. We are both ready for some decent geo-caching weather. It seems like we had rain everyday in the summer and fall and now we have snow on the ground all the time. Soon we will be able to get back out there and hunt.

Uncle Boone is about the same. He did go 12 days this time without a transfusion, so that was a little better than what he has been doing. He has a little bit of a cold also, but seems to be throwing it off pretty well. No side affects with the new medicine yet, so that is good news too.

Charlotte brought up the idea of taking Uncle Boone on a trip, if he feels like it. We all got together, started throwing ideas around and before we knew it, we had a plan to go to Louisiana. The main reason for going there is the fact that Uncle Boone’s Son, Daughter in-law and 2 Grandkids live there, and number 2 it is a lot warmer with no SNOW… :)

We are pulling out next Wednesday morning and will be gone for 12 days. It will take us two and a half days going, a week there, and two and a half days on the return. We don’t know exactly what we will be doing while Little Don (Uncle Boone’s son) is working, but we will find something to do. We are all going to bunk in the RV, so it should be a fun trip with lots of card playing and laughing. Isn’t that what life is all about? Charlotte has offered to do the cooking, which tickles me to death, since I don’t like cooking, and only do it so we can survive. I will probably give Donnie a break on the dishes and do all the clean-up duties. We have the sleeping arrangements all worked out so the girls sleep on the hide-a-bed and the guys in the bedroom. It will be like our old slumber parties, when we were kids.

Uncle Boone also got orders from his Doctor, so if he needs a transfusion while we are on the road, he can get it at any hospital we are close to. He thinks he can go for 12 days without one, but we want to be safe. I can’t tell you how good it is to see him excited about something. For way too long his only activity has been the Doctor’s office and the hospitals. I hope when we get back from our trip, if he handles it well, maybe we can do some other things he will enjoy.

We have had a spot of trouble this week. A couple of weeks ago our furnace started making weird noises. You know how your brakes sound when they start wearing out, well multiply that by 10 and you will get the sound it was making. The funny part was that it wouldn’t do it all the time, that is till this week. Now every time it comes on it makes the same noises, so I called the repair guy and he says we need a new blower motor, so here we go again. $419.00. $90.00 for the motor, $50.00 for the shipping charge, and $279.00 in labor and service charges. I’m thinking we probably should have just had a new furnace put in. Oh well, stuff happens and it has to be fixed.

Sorry, haven’t been taking any pictures, but promise to take a bunch while we are in Louisiana. Not sure how good the internet will be either, so may have to post when we get back. Stay safe and warm… :)

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