Brad & Barb Wright - Southwest Trip 2009/2010 travel blog

Camelback Mountain, a welcome site

Our coach at Val Vista RV Park - notice the Palm tree...

Our site at Val Vista RV Park

Our street at night

We ended up in Mesa. We were unable to get back into the Apache Palms RV Park in Tempe as they were full. We tried several others but they were also full. This park is a Cal-Am Resort. It is very large although most of the units are permanent park models. The site is decent size once you get into it but there is a palm tree on one side and the park model on the other side has a carport that the roof of comes almost to our slide out. On the door side we have a nice cement patio and plenty of room to park our car past that. There is also a car port on the park models across the street which makes the swing in here very tight. Brad got in in one swing - really impressed the man directing us. Going out he's planning on having me drive and him directing me. The street is very pretty at night as most of the people in the park models have decorated either their unit or the landscaping or palm trees with lights - both white and colored. There are all sorts of amenities which we don't use. It is a Passport America Park so we are in here for 1/2 price. We are pretty far East which has been inconvenient for getting back to Scottsdale but will be easier for us when we leave today. We are about 20 miles from Jan.

When we were coming across I-10 coming into Phoenix and spotted Camelback & South Mountains, we said to each other "We're home!". It's become like a home away from home. I lost a crown last weekend. Jan was able to get me into her dentist on Wednesday and that is glued back on but my appointment was for 9:00 a.m. I had to drive up there in rush hour - about 25 miles from here. It took me 10 minutes to transition from one freeway to the other but other than that the traffic moved well. It would probably have taken me an hour and a half to drive that in the LA area.

We didn't do any sightseeing while we were here this time. We stopped over at Jan's Tuesday evening to pick up our mail and for Brad to get his "Scout fix". Then, Wednesday afternoon we went back to Jan's to have supper with Jan and Nikki. It was a very nice evening - until Brad had to say goodbye to Scout.

Yesterday Jan and I went out to lunch - I finally got to a Mexican Restaurant. I wanted to go when we were here before and we just never made it. It was good - I had chicken fajita quesadillas. The portion was huge and I will have a nice lunch again today. Brad stayed at the coach and worked on the computer all day plotting out RV Parks he'd like to stay in between here and New Orleans. We will be doing several one night stays, which we don't like doing but we lost so much time in Nevada that we have to make cuts. We wouldn't have taken the extra three days in Lake Havasu City had we known we were going to be staying an extra 10 days in Boulder City. Oh well, as a friend wrote to me, if you cant' handle trip interruptions and breakdowns you have no business owning one of these RVs.

We are leaving here today and heading back to Bensen, AZ. From there we will take the car and go to Tombstone one day.

We have put over 5300 miles on the coach and over 3500 miles on the car on this trip. We have averaged less on RV Parks but more on fuel than planned. With all the mountains out here it has brought our average mileage down to just over 7 miles per gallon of fuel. Hopefully we will do better on fuel once we clear New Mexico and start heading across Texas. We are not looking forward to the ride from El Paso to San Antonio. We will start having some long driving days once we leave Bensen.

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