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Obama (Chia), Ralph's Christmas present from his brother Bob

Pancho, our RV Mascot with his new name tag and sombrero

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Seashells with a secret

The weather has changed back to sunshine, but we keep hearing of horrendous weather in the States, particularly in the east. We are scheduled to leave here, Lo de Marcos, next Tuesday. We are winding down our fun on the beach, but looking forward to future adventures. We have even begun a slow start to packing up all our gear. We are not alone though, the park is emptying out quickly, today 2 rigs left and tomorrow 4 more will leave.

This week is all about finishing up any uncompleted projects, I’ve been painting and Ralph has been carving. Just to clear up any misunderstandings, my paintings are done on Mexican ceramic roofing tiles. That is why they have a curve; it’s a fun, cheap canvas. Also, I went to the beach the other day to collect some very small shells for a picture I’m working on. I got many that will really enhance my painting, however, I got two great shells that I was really excited about, but it turned out that they still had inhabitants, hermit crabs. Reluctantly, I took them both back to the beach.

One entertaining item; we kept hearing about a crocodile living in the marshy area next to our RV Park. I’ve been very skeptical, but yesterday I saw it and even got some good pictures which I’ll share with you. It’s actually a Caiman, not a crocodile and it’s about 3 feet long. I have no idea how it got there, but it seems to be thriving; unfortunately all the large turtles seem to have disappeared too, hmmmm!

Saturday we will go into Puerto Vallarta to visit a friend from Port Townsend who has a condo there. It will give us a chance to visit and also get some last minute shopping done. I have a favorite tile and pottery shop in Old Town and I’m hoping for a chance to find another piece that matches my set. It’s a great shop and always fun to visit.

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