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Today and excited Xavier picked me up for my tour of the town. We visited museums and churches and the tour was mostly on foot, which I was pleased about. Cuenca is a much safer town that Quito so I felt confident that I could walk around on my own. Apparently due to the odd weather two houses down on the river that flows through the town were swept away with the freak wet weather we are having here. In the afternoon I went to a cafe and had some lunch, which was probably a mistake as my tummy still has not settled. I got fed up with the pains that I have been having since taking some pills at the Hacienda Cusin and asked for a doctor to visit the hotel. 8 days is a long time to be uncomfortable. he said that I have a stomach infection and gave me antibiotics and some other medication to take. Hopefully they will kick in soon. I had room service tonight, just a bowl of soup as my stomach was really bad. The main disadvantage of sleeping in a house that has internal balconies is that you hear all of your neighbours when they come back at one in the morning! Not a good nights sleep but never mind

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