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It was cold last night and the wind continued to blow all night long.

With that said, I want you to know that we awoke to a clear sky and a temperature of 38 degrees. The sunrise found us sipping our coffee with the blinds open to allow the light and warmth into our humble little home.

We made the bed, I took the trash out and then I dumped the holding tanks while Marilyn started a load of laundry. She then straightened and dusted the RV while I took a shower and got dressed.

Marilyn’s next project was to defrost the freezer, so she began that project as I left to go up to the office to pay the electric bill.

Our electric bill for the past month was $104.00 and some cents.

I stopped on the way back to the RV, to visit with our friends, Dan & Pat. It seems as if we have hardly seen them this winter.

Indeed, this has been a strange winter for many people. Much of the time, the weather has been too cool or too wet, to be outdoors as we usually would be.

The normal afternoon get-togethers, and planned activities like bike rides, picnics, and other adventures, have been few and far between this year.

I will admit that the time has passed quickly but it seems that we have had so little time together with the group of friends, that we just have not had the “fun” that we are so used to having.

We need to make a decision by March 15th, as to whether we will return here to this resort next winter. We have become very comfortable here and I suspect that we will return, but we are keeping our options open for a few more days.

We relaxed this afternoon, with the windows open, listening to the guys on the riding mowers, out there mowing the small lawns between the RV’s. Today is only the second time all season that we have seen the mowers at work. One of the things I love is the smell of newly mown grass. Like the smell of a fresh spring rain, it ranks right up there near the top of my sensory delights.

Marilyn claimed to feel better today and that makes me feel good too. She has not been well since we went back to Missouri a couple of weeks ago.

Pat rode her bike down to visit with us in the afternoon. We had a nice visit but I was soon overwhelmed with “girl talk” and walked next door to have a beer with Carl, while sitting outside in the brilliant sunshine.

Once I was back in the RV, I decided to cook the scallops we had kept frozen since purchasing them at Reyes Seafood Market on the way back from S. Padre Island.

Marilyn fixed veggies to go with the scallops and we enjoyed a delicious meal. I could have eaten more scallops but eked by with my half pound.

Tonight we may watch a movie or perhaps the American Idol program.

No matter what we do, we will know that…..Life is good!

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