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yesterday i got up at 6am served breakfast to the FBI agents. things went pretty smoooth.

My new friend and adopted mother Laura had to fly back home around noon. she was very upset and i heard after wards from a source that she even shed a tear or two. Well cant blame her. if i had to go back to the snowy cold i would be cryin too! before she left though she took some shells with her that we had collected from the river the previous day! i cant remember what i told you about but after we got back from a tour of belmopan ( jenny drove us around town and showed us some of the places where people she knew lived, some of them real good people and some nasty crackers. this one big house where some important guy lived apparently had a private zoo of endangered animals caged in the back yard. which is uber illegal. im glad to hear that caging any tropical birds or animals is not allowed, but i suppose the law is sometimes flexible). even before we got to town though, we went to visit her next door neighbor. now when i say next door, i really mean drive 20 minutes up and down these crazy hills with twisty dirt and boulder roads, through teak plantations and thick jungle, until you come to the next closest resident in the area! i forget his name but he seemed like a genuine guy, someone who just wants to live and love and feel the groove baby! He had a really nice house too. and by that i mean his property was very nice and taken care of and nicely laid out with tall jungle trees creeping in all around it. and of course the same river that flows not ten meters from where i am sitting also passes through his back yard and he has shaped the land so that it dips down and he has a nice grassy lawn right up to the bank. We sit in his big screen porch and jenny asks with concern how he is holding up. he replies he hasnt slept in a week since IT happened. OK now i'm curious

He then tells the story of how him, his 70 year old mother, and their two helpers were tied up and robbed at gun point by 6 big men who pounced on them in midday.

You can hear the terror in his voice as he recalls hearing the dogs barking out

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