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Snow in Pecan Grove RV Park - Sweet Pea

Snow in Pecan Grove RV Park - Storage Building Next to my...

Snow in Pecan Grove RV Park - Neighbor's Airstream Trailer

Snow in Pecan Grove RV Park - Neighbor Behind Me

During the night another front moved into this area. First, it started raining and then later turned to sleet. Finally, it ended with snow - large wet flakes. Of course, I had to capture -- or at least try to capture -- the unusual phenomenon. The snow flakes are visible against dark areas; otherwise the precipitation just appears as fog. The ground is still too warm for the snow to stay around long.

Some friends and I had planned to attend a concert at the Blanton Museum at noon today but decided to cancel our plans when it started sleeting. We'll try again next month. Driving on snow isn't such a problem but sleet is another matter altogether.

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