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Cleaning the shoes

The forecast high temperature today was for 78 degrees. We slept last night with our windows open, and the first sound I heard this morning was at a few minutes before 7:00, when I heard the “click” of an RV door closing quietly.

I knew it was Heinz across the street, as he walks each morning at the same time. I peeked out the open window at Heinz, as he walked to our side of the street and waited a few seconds for Carl to join him. The next sound I heard was Carl’s door opening and then shutting quietly, before I heard a few muffled “Good Morning’s” as the guys headed out on their walk.

I was a bit surprised to see early morning fog, and overcast skies.

Once we were up drinking our coffee, I checked and noticed the outdoor temperature was only 53 degrees.

After coffee, I slipped on a light jacket to walk across and visit with Heinz, who had returned from his walk full of energy, and was now washing his truck.

After a bit, I talked to Roger, who was outdoors also. Roger decided to drive and said we could ride with he and Joyce, for our trip to Mexico today.

It wasn’t long before Howard & Becky arrived, as did Cathy & Elgin.

We now had eight of us going across the border today.

Jackets were in order as the temperature stayed cool.

We walked across the border, pausing to take a few pictures, and then began the immediate onslaught of vendors on the street, trying to sell us everything from movies and CD’s, to purses, sunglasses, animals, all types of jewelry, and clothing, as well as Chiclets gum. Much more was being offered as we turned down offers of a Dentist, a Pharmacy, Shoe shines (Oops, one of the shoe shine guys got me for a cleaning of my New Balance tennis shoes), Manicures, Pedicures, Massages, tummy tucks, and various wonderful and exotic treatments such as hair transplants or tattoos which resemble make up for a women. I think they call that a “permanent” makeup. There were a few other items offered that we won’t mention in this journal. LOL

All eight of us enjoyed a fine lunch at the Red Snapper, which was very crowded, with people waiting in a line which went out the door and half way down the flight of stairs.

Marilyn & I each had a “Fried Catfish” dinner, and had four margaritas (Two each, as it was Happy Hour and you always get two when you order one). Two catfish dinners and four margaritas cost us $15.95. I gave the waiter $19.00 and called it good!

The meal, the drinks, the live music, and the company were all very fine!

We made a few purchases before returning to the USA.

The lines of people returning to the USA were long, but moved fairly rapidly and we were soon back in the comfort of our RV.

I will post s few pictures tonight, so check in again if you do not see them.

Time to kick back and relax! Life is Good!

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