From in Front of Anna's House Where We Stayed

Inside One of Historic Houses

In Front of Historic House - Mari & Bon

View Inside Historic House

Poet's House - One Who Lead Revolution in 1887

Flowering Tree in Yard of Poet's House

Another Carved Ceiling in Historic House

Carved Ceiling in Plovdiv Guest House

Stream in Front of Out Homestay

Village & Wagon

Village Stream

Alley & Typical Construction of Houses

One of Homes

Yes, There are Lots of Sheep

View From Below Memorial of Village

Bridge on Which First Shots Were Fired in Revolution./Revolt -Where it all...

Market Day in the Village

Memorial Atop Hill in Village Commemorates Revolt

Alley View

Another Entry Door

Entry Door

Typical Wagon & Folks

One of Many - Old House Once a Barn

Beautiful Wagon Horse

Heading here today at 4 pm...via bus...on the bus we met Anna Georgieva Zaiova, our hostess here: st.Donchev N. 104, home phone - 048989660, GSM cell 0888399609, she invited us to stay in her home which we accepted with enthusiasm. Brick home, room with 3 beds, and breakfast close to everything(since this is a small village, not difficult, ha). The National Hero, Levski, is from this town and here is where he organized the April Uprising, which began the fight for Bulgarian freedom from the Ottoman Empire. Walking tour covered 6 stone/wooden museum houses - Kableshkov House - lived in by the revered person who fired the first shot in anger which started the 1876 uprising against the

Turks,Karavelov House, Oslekov House - built(1853-56) by fellow who took part in the 1876 April Uprising before being killed by Turks, and Lyutov House -built in 1854,a permanent display of locally made felt cloths, & Benkovski House - built in 1831 by this family...Georgi(1843-76) who had a reputation on the wild side found his calling as leader of the insurgent cavalry, dying in an ambush after escaping N. when the uprising was crushed by the Turks(he was betrayed) - a huge equestrian statue of him views the entire valley; each exhibiting the baroque style with large entry salons,sunny verandas, and multicolored facades and interior painted walls.

In the summer there is a big folkdance festival here, but not now sad to say.

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