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We arrived in Salome, AZ on Thursday. As we were driving down the road, we saw the sign "Salome where she danced", which brought back alot of old memories of being here before. We've had several people visit us while we stayed here, as well as all the local sightseeing we've done here with hikes etc.

We haven't been here for two years and the park has made alot of improvements. There are many people here we met in previous years. Sometimes we recognize the faces and can't come up with the names - so I just ask!

Jack went for a hike on Friday. Twenty six people showed up for the hike. I didn't go, I was trying to get caught up with a few things.

We played hand and foot with Jo Ann and Neil Bosshart whom we met two years ago. Everyone else was playing pokeno or poker.

The weather was nice when we arrived, but as of today (Saturday) it is raining. We were going to go to the Chili cookoff, but didn't due to laziness and the rain.

When we were in Quartzsite getting rained on, it flooded out alot of this area here. You couldn't get to Phoenix, a bridge had washed out on Salome road.

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