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OK so we wake up in our hostel safe and sound.

i have a shower etc and we pack up our stuff. There is an internet cafe just accross the street so we take the opportunity to check up on facebook.

We have fruit salade and fresh fruit juice for brekky. i had watermelon and i have to say it was some of the yummiest juice i ever had. just like eating a watermelon but with no seeds. :) The fruit bar is the place where we meet a funny little parot. i guess it lives there or someone brought it to work! mom gets to hold it and it climbs right on top of her head, starts eating her hat and then when the guy tries to take it off, it turns into Parrotfreakout time!!

very funny, mom with a crazy parrot on her head! too bad we couldnt get pictures. But it is fun checkin up on peeps, this is the first time we got to go on the net since our departure!

but its deadly hot outside! imagine that. plus 30 in february!! im not complaining i will tell you that much. We take some time to look at the amazing papier mache art that mom was going on about last night, and i must admit it is way cool. the guy wouldnt let us take pics of his stuff so i cant share it with you, but its totally phsycidelic! faces made of animals with snake mustaches and bird eyes with tiny blue bumps in patterns creating expression. All the colours you can imagine dotting the surface of these three dimensional art pieces. three headed monsters whith millions of teeth and twistee tails. and wings everything had wings! it was all painted so detailed. you could just look at the same thing for over 10 minutes and still be seeing new things, animals hidden in curves and patterns in multicoloured dots. and it didnt even look like papier mache at all. the pieces were glossy and looked like they were carved from wood or made of glazed clay or sumthing. i cannot even describe them.

anyways we stayed there for a bit, not long enough by far but i was glad i got to see them. From there we walked down the central road, past many vendors and shops. the island was full of colours. everything was painted brightly! so much better than bland grey winnipeg! i love it.

i bought a very nice little money bag that looks almost like a mini backpack with a main pocket and a smaller compartment on the front! a very colourful weave.

and i haggled down the price a bit. now that i had some smaller pesos it was easier.

so our plan was to make it to the tourist information center where a very helpful guy worked. mom wanted to inquire into the location of a chiropracter that practiced on the island. and they had free internet! or so we thought. when we got there it turned out to be closed. and the helpful guy was nowhere to be found! only a grumpy man and a little woman who was just leaving.

but when she saw that we were at a loss she introduced herself as Gloria. She had a very kind face. she spoke incomplete english but was saying she would love to have people to practice it with. from there she offered to let us stay at her home for free. She said she wanted to make friends and practice her english. We were planning on catching the ferry back to the main land and continuing on to belize. we were basically right at the ferry docking station and were mentally ready to get on the move again! BUt Gloria says her house is right on the beach and we are all dying to try out our new snorkle gear and have a swim in the ocean! cause its deadly hot outside! i imagine myself relaxing on the beach and rotating between learning spanish and snorkling off the shore, how can i turn that up?. a quick family discussion later we decided to follow this kind woman to her home. it was a far walk she said so she found us a cab and we all piled in with our backpacks. which was a bit of a feat let me tell you. its nice to be able to not wear seatbelts and pile 5 people into a cab. back where i come from they will only allow 4 passengers into a cab! and everyone must wear their bloody seatbelt! NO FUN thats what that is!

so we cab down to the other side of the island to glorias house! the island is long and narrow so you can at times see the sea on both sides. very scenic little drive!

and here we are at Glorias house. she pays for the cab much to our gratitude and we all grab our bags and head inside. the driveway is just a layer of rubble and her house looks like it had a hard time. we find out that this is the result of the hurricane that hit cancun back in 2000 or so. Her house has a beautiful aura but it is in need of repair. there are two empty rooms on the right side of the house that she offers to us free of charge. they are basically empty besides a layer of dust and some bits of garbage. right away me and mom get into cleaning mode and mom starts helping gloria gather some things off the shelves in the front room. soon we have half a garbage bag full of bits of paper and little wierd things. I get a tour of the house and see that the bathroom could use a good clean! i tell her i would be obligged to help her clean! and i start with the full waste basket! i bring it to the garbage bag mom is putting stuff into and add my load to it! OOps. Gloria sees what i have done and rushes over saying no no! i guess that what i took to be trash was really her important papers and things. and i just put a layer of shit covered toilet paper all over them! (editors note: the sewage system on the island cant handle toilet paper so everyone just throws their used wipes in the trash!)

ya. it was nasty. and i felt horrible. but Gloria was very nice about it, she knew i didnt mean it obviously! but yeesh! she just treated it like one would pick up dog poo! bag over the hand does it. and soon she had the situation taken care of. That was enough helping for me though. i decided to check out wut sage was doing. i found him in the back room lookingout the window! He beckoned me over "there are iguanas" he says. and i need no more, i rush over to the window and get a nice glimpse of the big gray lizards sunning themselves on a rock in Gloria's Back yard. We try to get closer for a better look and pop out the back door. but all we get is their back end disapearing into the dark cravices of the rubble heap that makes up Glorias back yard. Past the rubble is the sea, and

between us and the sea is this crazy rock formation. there is even a cave and the big rock is porous and pointy! it stretches out into the tide and i climb it and observe the different limpets and things that have attached themselves there! Me and sage spot a hermit crab! it is so great being by the sea again! before that i hadnt seen a hermit crab for 13 years!

i am having alot of fun exploring this crazy rock. above me fly what look alot like frigate birds (later i find out i am right.. no suprise there...yeah im such a nerd).

i go back in to check in with the fam. i find out that evan and Gloria have gone back to town to get water.but Her son is still hanging out. he doesnt really speak any english. but me and sage, ready with our swimwear on, invite him out to go swimming. He starts telling me some things in spanish. Pointing to his shoes. i think maybe we have to wear shoes to the water cause there is alot of broken glass mixed in with the rubble. i get my shoes and smile at him hopefull. but he dont seem too interested in swimming. he seems to be warning me about something that lives in the water. something that you might step on. with moms suggestion, he draws a picture of a spiky ball. something like a sea urchin i guess. He seems to be saying that swimming is not a good idea. :( let down. i was super pumped for this beach front house. gloria seemed really into the idea. but the spiky things make you sick mimes her son. and since she isnt there to translate i give up the idea and me and sage and mom decide to go for a little walk around. With trust in our new friend and a bit of faith, we step out the door leaving our belongings in one of the bedrooms. i hope they are still there when we return.. i really hope that this is not a set up.

its so nice to walk around without our heavy backpacks! Gloria lives right accross from a plane runway. but it seems empty enough. We cross it to see whats on the other side, i want to see if i can get to the beach on the other side, as from where i am it looks like a much more promising swimming location.

we are barracaded by a strip of vegetation that looks less than easy to get through and past that is what looks at first like a small jumpable fence. but at second glance is actually way to high to climb and is an even bigger fall. mom climbs onto a mound to get a better look at the situation. the situation then turns antee! Mom gets off that mound quick with cries of pain! me and sage watch as she jumps around and swats invisible biters off her legs and out of her pants! yes its ok to laugh. im pretty sure i did!

so its at about this point that we start to rethink our situation a bit. the fact that there is no beach kinda changes things

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