Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Presdio La Bahia 1

them's some thick walls

inside chapel

inside chapel 2

self explainatory

burial site

the big shots haha

Sue in her guard tower






chapel entrance



Sue in chapel

clock tower

Yesterday, we found a treasure by accident. We were looking for a state park, which was also a treasure, but found Presidio La Bahia. It is a fort that was used during the fight for Texas. It saw more battles, and lives lost than the Alamo. Way too much detail for me to go into, but VERY interesting. This is what we have been looking for all winter.

Many of the pictures were too big to upload, but if I get them resized, I will post them.

They are doing a re-enactment in Mar., but, alas, we will be gone.

We then went to the state park, and found a great mission. Beautiful place, with more history. It was used to convert all the "savages" to christianity. In journals, it said, " during the day, they practiced our beliefs, but at night they danced under the stars".

A funny story, when we were in the forts gift shop, they had a brochure for a new rv park. We entered the address in my trusty GPS. It took us down a bad little road that ended in a big field, with a small house. The mailbox had the address we were looking for. Confused, as I cussed my GPS for once again getting us lost, I called the number. As it was ringing, a fellow came out, and said, "welcome to Angel rv park."

He must have seen my cofusion, and told us they were going to start building in about a month. I told him he was a little premature on the brochures. We talked and found out he knew my hometown very well, and also Mora, Mn. Too funny.

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