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On route to Perito Moreno

First view!


Another Chili moment!




The gang plus Denise, our local guide.






A carving from the glacier

This is the iceberg that came off the carving. The boat gives...

The carving we nearly missed!

Shot two of the nearly missed carving!



The narrow gap that is blocked from time to time!

Using El Calafate as our base, we travelled by small bus with a local guide to Perito Moreno Glacier, the third largest Glacier in the Andes. Veidma is the largest. The President of Argentina was also at the glacier officially opening some walkways and viewing platforms. There were also 4 busloads of workers/supporters paid to be there and be enthusiastic! Beating their drums and being very noisy which was annoying. But we opted for taking the boat trip first and by the time we walked the viewing areas they had all gone.

It is wonderful to just watch and listen. The glacier makes a lot of noise as it moves down at nearly two metres a day with many carvings. The glacier sometimes blocks a small channel between the north and south sides of the glacier which causes the water level on the south side to back up until it forces a collapse.

It is quite addictive anticipating the ice carving away from the glacier. Colin and I just stood in one spot for over an hour waiting, listening to the groaning and hoping. We had to drag ourselves away at 2:55 to meet the group. As we started walking away, of course a big piece falls off! Luckily Colin caught the action with his telephoto lens and he has given me permission to use them.

Our guide for today was Denise. A little confusing having Dennis and Denise. Denise is 26 and coming to Sydney in May. I offered to meet up and she asked if my "son" would be there as well!!! So maybe I can marry everyone off! Just joking Ned!!!

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