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A cervesa and Cuba Libra on the top deck of our new...

We both love our second, private patio ... great place to people...

View from the top deck

A well preserved city...evidence of maintenance and UNESCO support

Fernando and his 56, mint condition

The main church in Plaza Major

Fernando, Maya and Victor

February 15 – Trinidad

Joanne's fever broke during the night and she woke up with an appetite! What a way to lose a few pounsd! The antibiotics and other medications have worked wonders. We will take it easy today with a relaxing stroll through town and a taxi to the beach. After three days of fever and zero appetite or energy, it will be good to be out and about together. We may update again tomorrow before leaving for Santa Clara.

The taxi to the beach (8CUC one way) takes us the 11 or so kilometers along a totally unmarked two lane road. We are, once again, wondering how we would have found our way ANYWHERE in the country. Directional signage is nearly non-existant. Likely we would have needed to pick up hitchhikers who would have lead in the right direction. The beach is splendid and very similar to Varadero's. However, the water is much warmer and the number of tourists plunked on lounges is minimal. We take the opportunity to use the Ancon Hotel's chairs for a bit of relaxtion. This is the hotel that Fernando was the lead archictect on, and which took 6 years to complete. It was built during the Soviet era.

Our last dinner at our casa was fried chicken, rice, salad and a promise of a get together with our hosts after they were finished with the other guests from France. We were invited down to their living room since Victor had volunteered to sing a couple of songs for them. The iPod was connected to their stereo that was not functioning, but fortunately, the auxiliary input managed to work so that the iPod played accompaniment to a few Spanish songs Victor has in his repertoire. The look of amazement in their eyes showed their appreciation and once again, it was clear that the best way of connecting with people was through sharing of music. There were some flattering compliments and a genuine interest in hearing more.

Since Maya had indicated her dislike of opera “it makes me go to sleep”, she had said, Victor decided to surprise her by singing “La Donna E Mobile” to her obvious delight. She vowed later, never to say she didn’t like opera, provided Victor could come back to sing it.

We then left to wander out to the plaza mayor that rang out with a number of wonderful Cuban groups. One was located at the top of the steps in the plaza and the band was literally surrounded by hundreds of keen listeners and able salsa dancers. Again, we were overwhelmed with their caliber and delighted with the end of a wonderful evening, before heading back home.

Surprisingly, we are sleeping very well in our casa particular despite the endlessly booming music from three directions. Directly beside us is a casa that seems to be occupied by younger people who crank up their very good stereo to its highest volume. Across the street is another casa with music in direct competition. Not to be outdone, at the corner is an outdoor restaurant which cranks out a variety of bad 70’s disco tunes to great Cuban Son. If one stands at the corner of our patio, at just the right time of night, the three stereo systems are equally loud; quite a funny experience.

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