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February 14 - Trinidad

This morning finds Joanne imagining she has some energy and we ask our hostess for some french toast, mango and orange juice. Victor adds coffee to the menu and watches as Joanne valiantly attempts to eat all. The energy is still not there and she finishes a portion of it and retires to rest in bed yet again. Our hopes to visit the nearby beach (11km away) of Trinidad is in jeopardy. Our hosts have touted it as rivaling that of Varadero with less tourists and we are anxious to visit, but for now we will just have to wait and see.

2pm in Trinidad

Today's optimism faded when we took her temperature to discover it had, once again gone up. We decided to visit the clinic that was easy walking distance from our casa. Travellers don't normally have to learn how to say things like "dolor en lo cuerpo" (pain in body), "mareado con vertigo" (dizzyness), "fiebre alto" (high fever), and certainly not "infeccion de los rinon", which is what it turns out Joanne has: a kidney infection that has laid her out for three days. The doctor did a thorough exam, including urinalyisis and Xray, and suggested some intravenous replenishment for her loss of liquids, electrolytes and antibiotics. Although the equipment and facilities are a little lacking, the medical attention is quite capable. We feel confident that she will get proper attention and that she will get better, but it is likely our plan to leave for Santa Clara tomorrow is out of the question.

Tonight, our hosts Fernando and Maya invited Victor to supper. Since Victor had commented to Fernando about his lacklustre meal of spahetti that he had the previous evening, Maya cooked him a delicious spaghetti dinner. During dinner the conversation flowed easily. Fernando, who is an architect, was the lead designer at the largest hotel on Trinidad beach. He shared his insights on the daily struggles for Cubans and Victor learned a great deal more about the country. Like many of our casa particular hosts, this couple is accepts the limitations they experience in Cuba. As many say, "it's complicated."

February 15 - Trinidad am

Quick update ... Joanne's fever broke and she woke up with an appetite! The antibiotics and other medications have worked wonders. We will take it easy today with a relaxing stroll through town and a taxi to the beach. After three days of fever and zero appetite or energy, it will be good to be out and about together. We may update again tomorrow before leaving for Santa Clara.

NOTE...we cannot upload photos at this internet site since it is very, very, very slow. We will update all photos of this lovely city on the entry for February 15.

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