Cabo Verde 2010 travel blog

Old crater

Cashew bush

Getting water

Collecting rain

Small crater

Pico do Fogo


Pico Pequeno




Looking from Pico Pequeno down to Cha das Caldeiras

Growing Fogo wine

Fogo apples

Looking from Cha das Caldeiras up to the Pico do Fogo

Chez Patrique

Wine co-op

Our truck under a pepper bush

Crater of Pico Pequeno

New vineyard Maria Chaves


President of the Republic of Cabo Verde

We started our vacation in Cape Verde with one of the highlights - visiting Pico de Fogo. Our guide Albino picked us up with his truck after a delicious breakfast and we drove about 1.5 hours to reach the caldera. He dropped us off to climb the Pico Pequeno - we were very glad we decided not to climb the big one, because hiking the loose sand is very strenuous, especially after struggeling with bronchitis...

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