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We enjoyed an evening out with 15 other people last night. We ate at the “Hayashi Hibachi” Japanese Steak House and the food was very good!

Marilyn went along even though she was not feeling good.

I guess she is paying for that today because she has pretty much been in bed all day. Her cold is worse and she sounds terrible.

We hate that because we wanted to invite our friends over to grill hamburgers before Jesse & Ginger leave tomorrow morning.

This morning, Jesse & Ginger, Howard & Becky, Roger & Joyce, and me, drove into Mercedes to have breakfast at Mingo’s.

We hated that Marilyn did not feel well enough to join us but we did have a nice time.

I stayed outdoors much of the time today, trying to give Marilyn the rest she needs.

I played some golf and bowled on the Wii, then walked over to Gilbert’s where he was working on a bike, while Heinz cheered him on. We sat on the patio talking for awhile before heading to our respective RV’s for lunch.

After lunch, Roger, Carl, Heinz, Gilbert, Jesse and I sat outdoors at Carl’s patio for several hours, just talking about RV’s, trucks, axles, tires, etc. All guy stuff!

Heinz and I did play one game of “Ladder Golf” and he managed to eke out a win.

Ginger stopped by to bring us a loaf of “still warm from the oven” cinnamon raisin bread.

She visited with Marilyn for a bit, but I’ll bet that Ginger did most of the talking, as Marilyn has nearly lost her voice.

Later in the afternoon, Roger & Joyce came over and brought 2 pieces of Pumpkin Pie with whipped topping, some home-made bean soup, and a loaf of fresh baked bread.

Man, thanks to these wonderful friends, we are set for tonight.

Tonight we want to watch the premier of the new “Amazing Race” season. We also like that new show about an "Undercover Boss".

I hope Marilyn feels like sitting up and watching with me.

Today has been an absolutely wonderful day, weather wise. The temperature reached 75 degrees and the sun was bright, with only a light breeze. Perfect!

Our friends, Roger & Joyce have started a blog. Joyce writes it and does a nice job. She is just getting started but you might like to check it out at:


These blogs are a fine way to stay in touch with one another so we are tickled that she has begun to write.

Another friend, Tim Thorpe, has started a blog also. Perhaps with some encouragement from you good folks, he will write more often. Check out Tim’s blog at:


Well dear readers, that about does it for me. I’ll call it a day and go back outdoors to put the lawn chairs away.

It is supposed to get cooler and maybe rain again tomorrow. Sure hope Marilyn gets better by that time.

Oh well, we just have to remember that “Life is Good!”

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