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Getting ready to board in Cancún.

First you have to sign the 'if we kill you, it's not...

And we're off.

I even had a beer! Barbie and Angie waited to see if...

This poor young girl from Manitoba was sick most of the way...

Ron wasted no time settling in amongst the bikinis for a photo...

Here we go for a swim. Ron said "I haven't had a...

Oh, I don't know if I like this!

Ron, get your mask on, it is cool under here!

Now this is different!

Almost impossible to get underwater with a goofy life jacket on.

The fish were really beautuful.

This Barracuda was about 4' long, and more than a little intimidating!

Arriving at Isla Mujeres.

This guy was advertising the lunch special.

Two young lovers go for a dip.

Doesn't this look like a crowd in bad need of a margarita!

The girls before they got kicked out of the comfy seats. Turns...

Back on the boat, we head up to our lunch spot.

A well fed, well relaxed Angie.

The pool with swim-up bar available to us while we had lunch.

Back on board, the tequila sunrises got things going in a hurry!

Did I mention that there always seems to be ham in every...

Meet Julie from Texas. She's one fun chick!

Angie gives us her best 'I'm so innocent' look.

Ok, so much for that!

Yup, things are really happening now!

Some of us just can't seem to get enough!

Barbie shows us how the pros do it!

Things started rocking on a whole new level.

Now isn't that a happy bunch?? OK, we're wrecked! Tequila wins again!

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Enough Tequila will make just about anyone dance. Even me. Actually, I...

Isla Mujeres

Our final big event with Ron and Angie was a catamaran boat ride to Isla Mujeres. It is an island just off Cancún. To get there, we first had to walk about 10 minutes to a nearby hotel, then board a van, for the 40 minute (or so) run to Cancún.

We boarded the boat, and sailed into the blue. There was free booze for the duration of the trip, and that was reason enough for me to start the day with a beer! On the way to Isla Mujeres, we stopped and did some snorkeling on a coral reef that is actually a national park. They made us wear life jackets as if they were life belts, and go in groups following a guide. The life jackets made it virtually impossible to submerge yourself in the water and I think that was part of the plan, to keep people from touching the coral reef. They somehow kept us organized and in a line, and even though I started out with the group featuring a white bikini, and ended up with the red bikini group, I still made it back onto the right boat.

We arrived at Isla Mujeres, and had an hour of free time to wander around. The town sort of resembled an overpriced version of a Mexican fishing village, with water too cold for swimming. Ron and Angie tried a swim, but it didn’t last long. Finally, I had a siesta on the beach, and Ron, Angie and Barbie went in search of a coffee. They did eventually find a good cup of coffee, but pretty much had to gulp them down and run, to catch our boat. I had hoped we would could buy a little doll here for the back of the bike. Ixchel, my Spanish teacher told me that we might see some here; as Ixchel the goddess of fertility was from this island, but we didn’t see any at all.

Afterwards, we boarded the boat, and went to another place for lunch. They provided us with a good meal, and then we had some time to hang out around the pool for a while, before the trip back to Cancún. On the return trip, some guy wearing a mask, with the bottle of magic juice appeared. He kind of squirted the stuff in your mouth, until you could hold no more, and then squirted a little more. Needless to say, things got lively in a hurry. Everyone was singing and dancing (even me) by the time we hit the dock. We did stop for another swim on the way home, Ron gave it little try, but the rest of us stayed put. Barbie spent the time running all over the boat trying to get a picture of the ‘blue’ swimming trunks (I’m not sure it she was referring to the trunks or something in them?). Angie seemed to know which ones she was talking about. With the camera set on video for 2 of the attempts, I don’t think she ever got what she was looking for (or even a picture of it).

It was a really fun day, and a good final party together. It’s a good thing we had the sober driver for the return trip. When we got home, we freshened up, and headed for down town and supper. We wanted to find that garlic smelling restaurant, but I don’t think we got the right one. Barbie, who had been falling asleep since we got home, suddenly got her second wind, and decided we needed more alcohol. Your never far from a pub on 5th avenue, and we had no problem finding some tequila and 43 (a Spanish liqueur) for a digestive. As we drank, the bartender came and took our picture. Later, he offered to sell us the picture on a bottle of tequila. I guess he knows easy when he sees it; he made 2 sales.

Ron and Angie had to leave us the next day and go back to the cold and snow that is an Edmonton winter. Their flight didn’t leave until later in the evening, and it gave us a chance to go out for dinner together at Bubba Gump’s, for (what else), Shrimp. It was a cool experience, and the movie Forest Gump was playing nonstop on about 10 TV screens at once. We had time to go for a cocktail afterwards, and then take them to airport.

If anyone asks us about the idea of vacationing again with family, we’ll say; Any time, Any where. We had a wonderful (and very full) time with Ron and Angie, and would be ready for a repeat performance anytime the bank account allows it. Thank you guys so much for coming to Mexico with us. We had a blast! Now please make sure that all the Edmonton snow is gone by the time we get there in April.

Love Barbie & Fred

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