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Marilyn & I had a good night of sleep last night, and awakened around daylight.

I noticed a beautiful sky when I raised the blinds this morning. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it.

We sat together enjoying the coffee and feeling fine to be here where the weather is fairly warm.

I have to be honest here and tell you that this is the coldest winter we have experienced here in the RGV.

It did reach 64 degrees today, and that makes it sound wonderful to those folks back up north.

We just have not had the warmth we are used to having here in the valley. Few days have been warm enough for the usual shorts and sandals we wear outdoors.

Marilyn said she was feeling better and we had definite plans to go with friends for dinner this evening, but as the day wore on, Marilyn began to feel worse and thought she might be running a fever. She confirmed that thought later in the day, when she took her temperature and discovered that she was indeed running a low grade fever.

She asked me to go ahead with the dinner out, but be sure to bring her some fried rice. Then she changed her mind and decided to go. She is not 100% but feels well enough to go have dinner. LOL

I am posting this early because we are going out.

Our group of friends here were all going out to dinner at the Japanese Steak House in McAllen tonight.

Tomorrow we are going to Mingo’s for breakfast with Jesse & Ginger, Howard & Becky, and Roger & Joyce.

On Monday we will have to say “So Long” to Jesse & Ginger, as they head north and east, eventually to the Baltimore area.

We are used to watching friends leave, standing in the street waving goodbye to friends, or the reverse. Friends in the street waving as we pull out and head down the road ourselves.

That is the sad part.

The fun part is when we see these friends pull into an RV Park where we are staying, and we wave hello again, or when we pull into some park and see these same good people waving hello to us.

That is one of the things which make this RV life so enjoyable.

I recently wrote a journal entry about people who touch our lives. These RV friends are some of the people I had in mind when I wrote that.

Whatever happens to us in life, we will cherish the memory of the good people who touch our lives every day, and make this life so wonderful.

Life is good!

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