Washington Oregon Trip 2010: Aliens Abroad travel blog

Log cabin at Ashford

View through the dome

Our little yurt in the woods at Seaquest SP

If you go down to the woods today...

I love Washington State. Where else do they advertise free coffee on the freeway?! This is usually provided by 'seniors' who are representing a charity. Okay, you do end up throwing in a few coins - but all for a good cause! Moreover, the seniors are always ready for a friendly chat - and provide biscuits/cake as well!

First stop, Castle Rock for barbecue provisions. Second stop, the Mount St. Helens Visitors Centre. We walk the boardwalks on the edge of Silver Lake.

Finally, at Seaquest State park, we check into our first yurt. It is beautiful; simple, rustic and clean, but best of all is the transparent dome with trees piercing the sky.

I'm really impressed with the State Park provision; simple, unspoiled and meticulously maintained. Our cabin is sparsely furnished with a bed, futon, table and chairs. Outside there is a cold water tap, and barbecue grill. All we need, really.

There is something very relaxing about this simple circular structure, surrounded by woodland. I feel very much at peace here.

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