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Sourdough Ridge walk

Walking through a snowfield


Grove of the Patriarchs - and some very big trees!

A rare picture of us all together

Stop shaking that bridge!


Wild flowers at Paradise

I remember what I love about North American road trips. It is the space, the wide open roads, and the courteous laid-back drivers. Then there are landscapes that are to die for!

We head into Mount Rainier National Park. Sunrise is our first stop.

We walk the Sourdough Ridge(what a great name!). There are stunning views on all sides. We walk across snow and scree until we reach Frozen Lake. Then drop down and return through the forest.

The Americans we meet are consistently warm, friendly and welcoming. American mozzies are another matter. I am bitten repeatedly. Those little blighters! What are they doing at this high altitude? (This doesn't happen in Europe.) How dare they anaesthetise me before they steal my blood - and how did they suss out my (ever attractive) foreign blood!

We stop at the the Grove of the Patriarchs (Yes, American trees are definitely bigger than our European counterparts). Then finish the day at Paradise.

By early evening we reach our cabin at The Gateway Inn. It is dark and run-down. Decor doesn't seem to have been touched since the '50s/60s. Feels like we are in a time warp.

Ho-hum. At least the scenery didn't let us down!

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