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I suppose I should use their description; Xcaret is an archaeological zone,...

They did have some really beautiful birds.

I tried saying Hi in English, Spanish, German, French and Czech, but...

They have an interesting little hatchery here.

We saw a few little guys pecking their way out.

This is inside the giftshop. The first big window is actually an...

I would love to have one of these sea turtle chairs.

Ron by the window/aquarium.

This one will be on facebook. Please help me with the caption.

Ron & Barbie by a waterfall.

In the butterfly enclosure.

Don't know his name, but he sure is pretty.

The Jaguar; biggest cat in the Americas.

The black one showing that he still has the markings.

These cats were stalking each other and playing, non stop.

We take the hammocks for a test run.

No test run here, this is an expert at work!

Group hug on a palm tree!

We even had a margarita!

The show begins. We all had candles to hold in our hands.

The all important Mayan ball game. You couldn't touch the ball with...

They also played a game like ball hockey, but the ball was...

Along came the Spaniards....

....who were initially welcomed.

Later though, things turned to war, and beautiful Mayan temples were destroyed.

The Spaniards erected their own symbols.

Then it was really the end of a culture.

The show also celebrated the people from all over Mexico,

and their various customs and dress.

It was really an amazing show.

Later, we went to an outside beach bar,

that has a really good fire show.

Xcaret, the fun continues!

We had first heard about Xcaret when we went to a couchsurfer meeting in Mérida. One of the girls there had worked here for a time. She told us to go after 3 p.m., and pay a reduced entry fee, but still take in the evening show. We were told the same thing by a few people. Again, there is nothing like good local advise. We followed it and it was perfect.

Xcaret ( is an amazing eco park, Mayan cultural park, water park etc. You can swim with dolphins, visit the zoo, the butterfly house, and more. The crowning jewel however is the evening show. It is a stage production that tells the whole story of the history of Mexico, starting with the Mayan people. It was amazing. I hope the pics do it justice.

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