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Driving south all day, occasionally stopping to let Moo out or to eat or shop, Heather and I finally fetched up in a town that I had wanted to go to for a long time, or so I had thought. It was late when we arrived and having already eaten in Salinas at the Red Lobster there, we needed no food and had managed a shower earlier at a Gold's gym while looking for a REI.

We very quickly found the perch that we would use for a couple of days but Heather was sketched out by it and so we continued to search for about an hour. When nothing else very good presented itself we were going to use the tent for the first time at a small church that we had found. Thinking it nice we let Moose out and started the process of bedding down for the evening. Unfortunately for us, Moose caught the scent of a near by deer and started chasing it. I had no idea what he was chasing until he flushed the poor creature out of the brush within feet of where I was standing. It was quite entrancing to see this very graceful deer leap past us and run for dear life down the street with Moo in hot pursuit. It took Heather and I a good 15 minutes to finally track him down and wrangle him back into the car.

By this time it was late and I convinced Heather that the first place was our best option, partly because a recon trip to see if the church was unlocked yielded the realization that it was inhabited by someone and probably wasn't the best place to perch. She agreed to stay at the first place but refused to sleep outside of her car. The next day she decide that it was the darkness that had lent a sketchy vibe to this particular perch.

The perch in question was an empty duplex that was for sale with a somewhat dilapidated two car garage. It turned out to be great because we were able to open the garage and park the Honda inside. Attached to the garage was a small room with a door. I slept there as I prefer to sleep flat when I can. All in all this is perch is probably one of the top ten perches that Heather and I have found.

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