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The rome wall walk consists of a 13 mile walk around the roman walls of Rome. Having been only my first week in Rome, this was a GREAT way to learn the city by foot, literally, every single area by foot. While it was tiring, and mentally exhausting to walk in a group of 80 or so people for about 8 hours -- I assure you it was worth it. We started at the bottom right of Rome (using the tiber as a point of reference to divide the city left and right), and made our way up all the way to the Villa Borghese. The top of the Borghese gardens has a gorgeous view of the whole city - you can see Piazza del Polpolo, the Spanish Stems, the Trident, etc. We continued on, coming down the hill, going past Piazza del Polpolo, and eventually across the river around the area of Castel St. Angelo. We then went along the river bank (down the stairs) for a bit, and made our way back up, heading to the top of the city hill. After a grueling battle up hill on cobble stone streets and hungry students, we reached the top! It was gorgeous - you could literally see everything. The vatican, the colloseum, the Parliament, Spanish steps, literally everything. After a break for lunch, we made our way back down, walking through Trastevere, and then Tastaccio, which looks COMPLETELY different in the day time. It is completely deserted, far from what it looked like about two nights ago around 1am. The last leg was the hardest - it wasn't that scenic, and we were literally just following the wall until it ended. Finally, we reached the end! I believe we started with about 115 people, and ended with 80. I really didn't think I was going to finish, but looking back I am so happy I did. While i'm not much of a walker - i'd rather run for a shorter period than walk for awhile, there's something about the experience of seeing things through your own eyes by foot. I have a new perspective of the city now, a slightly more objective one than before. Rome is a city of many neighborhoods, and I can't wait to continue exploring!

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