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On bus met two very interesting fellows, Jose & Carlos who told us much about the Mayan calender. Jose received his doctorate in Maya studies. The jist of his ideas was that the Maya never gave dates nor said that the end of the world was coming. Mostly the info relates to the end of an age and the beginning of another.

On to the Olmec historic past some 3000+ years ago. We arrived early in the day so walked from bus station to outdoor museum...great park and wonderful display of Olmec sculptures! (see pics) On bus at 1pm to Campeche by 7:30 and short city bus and walk to Monkey Hostel right on the plaza. Sunday nite and the plaza was full - of tabgles - and masses of people playing...yup, BINGO! Music off and on, somehow they orchestrated the games with the music so neither interferred it seemed. Ate at Burger King! a block off the plaza - how's thats for Mexican! Bon was bummed, only beef and chicken...here we are in a coastal/port town and no fish at BK! What a great story that tells.

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