Black Crowned Night Heron

Franklin Gulls

Golden fronted woodpecker

Great Blue Heron

Great Egret, came to visit us.

Great Egret in mating plummage

great kiskadee

Green jay & white tipped dove

long billed curlew

lady Rufous Hummingbird

neotropic cormorant

redwing blackbird

Ruddy Turnstone

white eyed vireo

white ibis

white ibis

American white pelican

American white pelican

Beginning last year, while we were in the Northwest we got more serious about bird watching. Having bought the books needed for identification, now most everywhere we go we look for birds we haven't seen before. Here in Texas, where most birds of the U.S. go for winter, one can catch up on most of the beautiful birds. If you remember, back Harlingen we went to one of the World Birding centers.

Here are some of the birds of the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, right out our back window is what is called "Boat Hole" it's on the little bay. Over the period of 2 weeks we took the camera out several times and looked for birds, but also while we were fishing.

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