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I awake to my brother moving about way too early. then i hear a smash that turns out to be my headlamp falling and breaking. last time i ever lend sage any of my stuff.

shut up and go back to sleep sage!!! its wayy to early..

or so i think,

its dark out still, and i take my sleeping mask off my eyes. and i think fuck im tired. wut time is it? like three in the morning?

haha nope. its only 9pm. i slept for like 4 hours. my time is way off. apparently it gets dark here around 5pm. my mom comes back into our room dressed and bright eyed. asks me if i want to come and get something to eat.

im not too hungry but i guess i might as well get up and look around since its still early in the night. Im groggy but i get dressed and step out into the streets.

the island is warm and humid and there is music. we walk the streets and see vendors and restaurants all along the main road. we check out some shops and the hand crafted silverworks are beautiful. i almost buy a ring, but its like 40 bucks so screw that. i have a long trip ahead of me. but opal is deff my new favourite stone.

there is a papier mache artist that my mom is going on about. she wants to take me there but when we get there the windows are dark. better luck tomorrow.

we get some tea and me mom and i go dance a bit to a local band doing covers of some of our fave reggae and funk tunes! we meet a man who calls himself captain bananas and evan is aproached by various male prostitutes!

we head back to our hostel too excited to sleep. there is a boy/man named omar who is chillin in the back. it takes me awhile but eventually i work up the courage to go see wut he is up to. turns out me mam is already chatting with him.

sage and evan show up and we find out that omar is a DJ and moved down there from new york.

he is cool and we introduce our selves to the other 3 guys chillin there. Roberto who is holding down the fort at the hostel and may or may not speak english and some guy with a name i cant pronounce and this guy alvin. We smoke a fatty. my thanks to Roberto and get to know eachother abit. evan really hits it off with the boys.

later on i ask roberto whether or not its safe to drink the agua. he think i want hot water for a shower. "caliente?"

no i shake my head and make some drinking gestures while saying "agua"

we dont seem to be making much head way, so i decide to go to the tap and make a drinking maneuver, "can you drink the agua from the tap? i ask. cupping water with my hand and bringing it up to my mouth almost. pretending to drink.

haha roberto laughs. "yes we live here" he says.

i ask if Omar also drink the water because he has only lived here for a few months.

Rooberto nods with a smile.

well that is a bit embarrasing.

i still cant tell if roberto can speak enlglish or not. but at least i know i can drink the water.

the rest of my family is wary and only drink pure water. i say fuck that, why buy water when you dont need to and chug some of the tap water.

seems all right to me.

good night.

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