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mom in front of our hostel

our hostel on isla mujeres

orange on orange

evans poor snug jacket being left behind. we just have no use...

awsome architecture

the streets

coconut whore!

in front of the amazing papier mache art gallery. we were not...


did i mention there were only a hand ful of cars on...

walkin the streets with style


a taste of the colours of mehico



a palapa in progress


This is Gloria

here is us with Gloria

Livin it up yo

and here is Glorias house, and some things that we think she...

here is a room in Glorias home before mom cleaned it!

this is another room in Gloria's house

Looking out at the view

What a view eh?

here is the iguana sage spotted. there were three for awhile


hermit crab maybe

a cool staircase

the busy street

here is us leaving isla mujeres

on the ferry back to the mainland

oops this was before we left. Sage was stylish for a minute...



and so with our destination set. we check out of the hotel and attempt to catch a bus to the ferry.

by this time the rain is really pouring down. we are starting to regret not investing in those bulky backpack rain protectors. mom and i came slightly prepared though. we pull out our rain ponchoes and pull them over our bags. the boys did not think ahead and thus are a bit more wet.

just as we are about to leave the hotels property the rain reaches an all time rainyness and our plan to catch a bus dissapates when we see there is no shelter. at the advice of gate man we grab a cab.

we see many palapas on our drive. and the rain is coming down HARD.

we come to our destination and guys start unloading our packs. chase after them. not liking the idea of our stuff leaving my sight. but they are just helping and i see that they mean well. but you cant be too carefull.

we buy some ferry tickets and wait around for a bit.

the ferry ride is fun. me and sage brave it at the back of the boat where its more exciting and the spray is coming up strong. We get totally soaked but im wearing my swim stuff so who cares.

its kind of a chilly day though so i get kinda cold. and im happy when we land and i can change into dry clothes

mom and evan are on the job of locating and connecting with june and duncan. and i am on the job and seeing some guy eating yummy looking deep fried fish and then trying to order it. not too much english on the isla. but i get the message accross with some pointing and stuff.

mom and even return... they found june on facebook and sent her a msg but to our dismay we learn that duncan has passed away a few years back.

moment of silence for the dead

we sit down and get some grub and with much difficulty order four cups of tea negro.

with miel and leche.

thank you spanish english dictionnarrio!

after fillin up our tum tums its time to find a place to crash.

we hear of a hostel called placio del mar or sumthing like that and after much goings back and forth we find our resting place.

nice enough little hostel. pretty cheap, no cuckarachas so far.

hang up wet stuff. go to sleep.

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