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Who woulda thought i would ever end up here. So the first thing we do after we get semi settled into our room is try to get to the beach. Its harder than it sounds cause the hotel we are in is really big and has 4 floors that look the same. We go down a wrong way and then run back to our room to get the camera!

But we do find the beach at last and its pretty exciting. Me and sage get our feet wet but the ocean scares me cause its dark and im scared of things in the water that i cant see. Also the waves are very strong and me and sage have a good time trying to stay on this rock as the waves come crashing into us.

Its been awhile since i have seen the sea, its quite powerful and im actually really scared of wut might be in there. I wade around anyways and splash and shriek. I am in mexico after all.

I light starts flashing at us from the hotel. We see a security guard checking us out. After awhile we decide to take a dip in the pool cause i know there arent any sharks or jellyfish in there. Its a pretty short swim though cause the security guard comes to tell us that the pool is closed. No worries though cause im tired out now. We are happy to go back to our hotel room and have some showers and look at our shit and try to get some sleep. a very little bit of sleep.........

I awake in the night cause i think someone left the tap on in the bathroom. But its actually the sound of rain outside. Its really coming down out there and i stand on our private balcony and take it all in. Its so warm, and smells fresh outside. I really cant believe it.

I sleep for another hour or two and wake up to my first day in this strange land. And its sunny and hot !

the sun dont last too long, and is replaced by rain by the time we get packed up. we are all looking forward to a little swim in the sea, when sage and evan come back with news that we cant. no one knows why but someone aparently told the boys that they were not aloud to swim. SUCKS.

we get some brekky from a lil stall in the courtyard, papaya and yogurt, nachoes where each chip has its own layer of beans with chicken sprinkled on top of the cheese. that was sages pick, it was delish. i got a mixta salade, i needed something light. it was yummy though, lettuce tomato avacado and lime juice!

the rain continues on and off while we eat. mom and evan start conversing with some of the people hanging out under the food palapa. [ editors note, a palapa is a structure made of a wood frame thatched over with grass bundles of palm leaves, very common all over central america and mehico].

this one guy winston is very kind and helps us understand where we are in cancun and how to get to other places from here.

While in the cab to our hotel, Margerate was mentioning some places we should check out. i forget them all except Isla Mujeres, an island just off the coast. This rings a bell for mom and she tells me that that is where Duncan and my auntie june have a place.

[Duncan is a very smart guy who was a crucial contributor to the lsd experiments back before it was illegal and did alot of study into the healing properties of the drug. him and His wife June were good friends to us when we lived in BC]

I decided for us that we should undoubtedly try to connect with them because we were so close, and who knows when another opportunity like this would cross our path.

so off to isla mujeres

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