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On the plane to Mexico. We can all relax a bit.

Getting out of the house was stressfull with everyone scrambling to get their shit straight. We throw away everything we are not taking with us (which turns out to be enough stuff to completely cover the space between our fence and the back lane, vertically as well as horizontally), finish our last minute laundry (well nearly) and do our best to straighten out the house. It takes us much longer than we were hoping and we dont get out the door till nearly 2pm. During this time we are getting calls from our friends and family, cause we told them to meet us at Mondragon around 1 for a final farewell. and we had to be at the airport by 3:30 so things are getting tighter than a michael jackson dance routine. So we drive to Mondragon and say a last farewell to any of our friends who are still hanging around there, and convince some of them to help us take a load of shit up to my dad’s house on the sixth floor of his building. AHHHHHHH time was ticken. It was after 3 by the time we got out of there and tensions were high. I personally hadnt slept much over the past few days and was probably a bit hungover. The lineup was intense, but thankfully auntie jolyn and Dino and Lino were there to give us hugs and calming words.

Just when we are getting really freaked out about time, we find out that our flight has been delayed by and hour and we take a deep breath, we can sit and relax with our fam for a bit!!! yay

The plane ride goes pretty smoothly and the minute we land, I notice the change of humidity in the air. The plane doors open and a blast of WARM air whooshes in. Its the first time i have been anything but cold in a while, god it feels great. So apparently we are in mexico now, but it doesn't really set in. Airports are all very similar inside, but its humid and there are more mexicans than im used to seeing.

We chat with the people who are behind us in the customs line. Turns out they are friends of val and Henry and have a nephew named Ben who i went to school with at Gordon Bell. Oh Winnipeg.

The closer we get to the door the more warm and humid it gets. We are all pretty tired and its a bit hard to get our packs on. But we are assisted by some airport employees and directed to a cab van. They put our bags in the bag and in we go. Before we take off though, another woman joins our party. So there we are with Margaret and the three mexicans. I try to stop imagining the different ways in which they could hijack our stuff and chat a bit with this stranger who is riding with us. She asks me how much i paid for the ride. I say 60$ for all of us. Not so bad. She was also charged $60 though and thinks this is a rip off. She tried to talk the mexicans into giving her back some of her money. Turns out she speaks fluent Spanish. Jealous. I have no idea wut they are saying. But it dont sound like its going in her favour. O well too bad for her. Makes sense to me. Cause you pay the same for a cab ride no matter how many people are in. Its just too bad we didnt meet up with her before cause we could have counted as one party. But hey its her problem and not mine. And before too long we arrive at our oceanside hotel.!!!

it was a double the price of the downtown one but turns out to be way worth it......

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