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We stop just outside Cobá to look at some alligators.

The guy on the warf has the gator trained (with chicken skin)...

Or perhaps he has the tourists trained to pay 20pesos to take...

Entering the ruins site at Cobá.

A brief description of the site.

We find the first of the ruins.

Angie finds a place to be comfortable.

Ron walks through a perfect example of a Mayan Arch. Very different...

Barbie has a little more fun with it.

The scale of these sites never ceases to amaze me.

The all important Mayan ball game.

This is one of 2 ball game sites at Cobá.

This shows a monkey holding it's decapitated head in its hands. Remember,...

Just happy folks wandering the jungle.

The girls posing for a shot.

Even Barbie hams it up.

I did my best to capture some colourful local birds.

Finally, the big pyramid emerges from the jungle.

At over 125 feet (38 meters), the highest on the Yucatán.

We were lucky enough to see a White-nosed Coati, commonly called a...

Ron setting up for a stairs shot.

Us on the stairs.

It's really amazing how steep the steps are.

Barbie gets brave, and moves away from the 'safety rope'.

Finally, the view from the top.

It was well worth the climb.

There were some really beautiful birds up there,

but I have no idea what they are. Some kind of Verio?

Me looking back to see......

If Ron is looking back to see.

The Coati was still busy entertaining the tourists.

One last look at the man made mountain with the two young...

Ron sets up another group shot.

All of us in front of a fan palm. This most posed-for...

We even had a beer!

They even had a wine!

The little spot where we had lunch.

Ron just had to pick an orange from the turned out...

We had a little visitor watching us eat lunch.

And a bigger one across the road. Look close, in the rocks.

He gives Ron his best smile.

On the way home, we stopped at Tulum, but didn't have time...

More of the local critters.

I really wish I knew this guy's name.


We decided to keep our rental car for another day, and make our first trip to the Mayan ruins of Cobá. We had been told that it was far less visited than the more touristy Chichen Itza; and that you could still climb the ruins. To reach Cobá, you follow the coast south from Playa to Tulum; another ruins site. From there you go North West, directly away from the coast into the jungle, for about 40km.

The ruins of Cobá have not really been restored; the jungle has been cleared away, so the site is exposed, and that’s about it. It is estimated that this was at one time home for between 50,000 and 100,000 people; making it one of the largest cities of the Mayan world. It was inhabited from about 600-900 ad. Only a few of the estimated (they don’t really know) 6500 structures have been uncovered.

The main pyramid here, Nohoc Mul, is the tallest on the entire Yucatán at over 125 feet. It is also a very steep climb. I’m sure the pics will tell that story. Yes, we even had fun there!

Our plan was to also visit Tulum, and Akumal, but we spent almost the whole day at Cobá, and didn’t really have time for anything else. We did make it to those sites on another day. More to come. I hope our pictures do Cobá justice.

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